Kier Andrews

Marketing Professional specialising in Digital & Product

Marketing Strategy

Develop effective marketing strategies specific to your business' needs, products and customer requirements.

Project Management

Manage your projects effectively whether it be new website delivery, integrating ordering systems, managing new stock processes or reporting frameworks.

Data Analysis and Insights

Advice on data extraction, structuring and manipulation for actionable insights

Digital Marketing

Expertise in all areas of digital marketing.
Web, mobile and email solutions

Personal & Professional Websites

Want a scalable website built that you can manage on your own?

Look no further, bespoke, boostrap and wordpress options available. Contact for pricing.

Small Business Advice

If you're a small business or you're looking to start one, please feel free to contact me for guidance and support to move your business forward.



Unable to decide whether to fill a role permanently? Recruiting for a marketing or project position.

Taking on a contractor reduces risk and enables you to understand an individual's capability and providing flexibility to suit your business needs.



Looking for a short term solution or a rolling option to cover a major marketing project either agency or client side. Part time or full time opportunities considered.



Assess your current marketing and online activities including website performance, SEM, display advertising, e-commerce and social media marketing, together we can develop a plan to ensure improved performance and ongoing success for your business venture.


With 10 years experience in enterprise marketing, sales and data analysis, Kier Andrews is ready to take on the next challenge for your business. Having worked for global corporations in the automotive, manufacturing and construction industries in a multitude of disciplines including digital marketing, product marketing, business development, customer service and data analysis, Kier has a width breadth or knowledge mixed with the ability to understand technical and detailed information.

As an experienced marketing professional it is important to keep up to date with the latest trends in marketing whether technological or innovative uses of existing platforms to provide better ways to engage consumers.

Interaction through technology and the increasing number of mediums through which to consume media the importance of digital will only increase, although traditional above the line mediums cannot be ignored. Innovation is the key...

Able to provide services for all sizes of business whether local companies looking to expand or global corporations seeking independent flexible solutions.